Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yes, I still have more snow photos to share even if it is Spring again . . .

Housing just before Leverich Park where the trail passes heading east following Burnt Bridge Creek. See, Malyss, there are homes here.  It is not all country on this walk.
Found this clump of snow on the branches fascinating. . .
Sign showing that we are still on the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail. . .
The stacked stones make an interesting pattern with a frosting of snow on each layered edge. . .I  like taking photos of this type of stuff -- kinda like steps. . .
Another bridge over Burnt Bridge Creek as it winds south.
Snow covering the moss on the post of the bridge. . . the river in background.
The river runs  along the flatlands/prarie in this area.
 Anyone for a picnic in the snow?  Walking this trail is fun in different seasons.  Having a bench or a table to eat your lunch before continuing on the trek is a welcome site in sunny weather!


  1. OK, I see ONE house! :)
    You could have used those benches for your other blog!
    Snow seems so far away seen from here. We forget quickly, and next november , we'll be hoping again! :)

  2. Yes, snow is definitely your "thing" Paulie - just like my steps! I love the snow on moss one and the evergreen holding a bundle of snow. I'm still in Denver and it's very windy!

  3. You've been saving these for us for a while, right?

    We drove through a heavy snowstorm just north of Los Angeles on Sunday. Not the fun part of snow.

  4. Lovely pictures! I especially like the one with the bridge and the moss on the stone! :)