Friday, March 18, 2011

Continuing my snowy walk on Burnt Bridge Creek Trail . . .#2

Sharing is nice -- I couldn't see a branch untouched!
The river runs further from the trail and more snowfall on the land is visible. . .
This branch didn't want to share its snow covers!
A glance back at where I had traveled from along Burnt Bridge Creek Trail. . .By then, the truck that checks the trail for safety had been through too.
The perfect blue sky serves as background for the white branches laden with snow.
More tracks along the trail. . .
Beautiful snow everywhere!
Another frosting of snow  on the branches. . .
Farmhouses in the distance, beyond Burnt Bridge Creek and the trail.  This area has a section of flat, grassy land between the river and the trail. I think I would enjoy living in that area!

Looking the other direction of the snow covered flats with the river on the left out of site.
More farmhouses on the other side of the river and flatland.
When I get around that corner of the trail, I have another bench to rest upon if so desired.  I don't need a rest on my walk but will pause here with photos until next time when we continue my photographic journey.  I hope you are enjoying our one 24 hour period of snow this winter.


  1. No wonder you made the most of it! Love that bench in the first shot!

  2. Did anyone else take as much pictures as you did?! I guess no!! :o))
    I'd like to live around there too! all seems so peaceful under snow.Each picture is soooooo beautyful!I'm glad you were our special agent to picture those special and beautyful days!

  3. I have just been out shuffling 10 cm of the stuff. I didn't enjoy it, but I enjoyed these!

  4. Snow!! Wow!! I thought Spring had come..

    ~~~~and you who never use to have snow, just get it now!! Then I must just say out my WoW! ~~~~

    While I'm commenting here, I had to hurry up, get my camera and snap some pics of a very special and wonderful sunset. I've seen many, but not like this one today!!

    I'm glad you're having snow! I know you love it!! Me too! :) Very lovely pictures!!

    Thanks for sharing them!
    Nice weekend to you.. :)

    hey, and hurry up with my camera again!!!! Ups, my boyfriend just took it.. know he snaps my sun!! =O :))

  5. The snow is gorgeous, refreshing.