Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring is trying to come early . . .

There's 11 more days before Spring is officially here but this plant thinks it has arrived even tho we had snow the week before I took this photo.  Even tho I wish for more snow as we really got cheated this winter, I hope that Spring is really on its way.  Will give me more opportunities to take photos!


  1. I would give up on snow and opt for blooms, Paulie! Beautiful pink.

  2. Reality check: 11 days until spring? Thanks, Paulie! Lady Winter has promised us a visit tonight, and that makes spring seem to be miles off.

    These flowers are gorgeous.

  3. Yep, you definitely have spring there! And it's very beautiful!

  4. Is that a Lilac bush?
    Its a little chilly here this morning but not enough to hurt the blooms..
    Mama Bear

  5. The spring seems to have come fast at your place!! -OO- (staring my eyes off, haha..)
    You and I love the snow, I know!! ;) But when the Spring first have come, I understand you prefer the Spring to all the snow, I would prefer the Spring,too! :)

    Lovely picture!! :)