Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yes, I still have EVEN more snow photos to share even if it is Spring. . .

More . . . going thru Leverich Park. . .
A generous  portion of snow for these fallen branches/trees. . . makes for a nice contrast with the rest of the scene.
Just around the bend and I am out of Leverich Park. . . Just a few more photos of my snowy walk.  Then, on to other photo memories. . .NEXT POST. 
One of my favorite scenes -- clumps of snow waiting for me!
After crossing St. John's Road, the path follows Burnt Bridge Creek BUT this time the creek will be on my right as it ambles eastward.
Not too many people have walked on this part of the trail YET!
Snow like puffs of cotton growing on the branches. . .
Logs in the river with a faint cover of snow left on them. . .
Looking to my right  at Burnt Bridge Creek.
One day soon, I will finish the trail and show you some Spring photos along the remainder of it.  I hope you enjoyed seeing the only day it snowed for us this winter.  Since I love snow, even the smallest amount is wonderful to me.


  1. You really enjoyed yourself, huh? :-)

  2. It's pleasant to have snow and sun in the same picture. It gives a real feeling of winter holidays!You had only one day of snow, but managed to get plebty of pictures! That way, you'll be able to hold on till next snow!Ü

  3. I do like the blue light in some of these snowy photos, Paulie. I really like the footprint one that forms a trail going up and then up again to the stop sign. The tracks on St John's Road lead the eye to what might be around that bend. I get myself in trouble with bends - I always want to see what's just beyond!

  4. Very pretty, Paulie. You would love it in Ontario today as we just got more snow!

  5. Lovely snow pictures! I'm so glad for you, that you got some snow this Winter! Spring is coming - anyway.. ;))