Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Continuing my snowy walk on Burnt Bridge Creek Trail . . .

I like this photo especially because there is so much to see in it.  The widest portion of Burnt Bridge Creek, the other side of the creek, the snowy branches, and the reflections of the  trees on the far side hill.
Ordinarily, I would put this photo on my bench blog BUT I have already pictured it there. . . this time, it shows two things I love:  benches and SNOW! 
I love the snow covered branches and stairway to the picnic area at the head of the trail.  The blue sky ain't half bad either!
Along the creek. . .
Interesting to see the snow clinging to the trees as if to say, "Enjoy us because we won't be back this winter."
If not for the melted snow on the trail, it would seem like a white out. . .
Until the Parks and Recreation truck came along, many branches, heavy laden with snow hung over the trail and gave us a winter wonderland view.
Further on down the trail, one sees a view almost similar to the first photos I started today's blog with.  Lots to see if one takes the time to notice.
I like this curved branch covered in snow and the shoreline a blanket of snow too!
A tangled mass of snow with the river beyond along the trail that follows the river.
Every branch shared the  snow since it was our first and last snow of the winter.
Even the moss and ferns growing on the tree trunks and limbs got their frosting of snow, the only one of 2011 winter that teased us with a small amount of snow, stopped for a couple hours and when we were fast asleep, dropped a new layer for us to marvel about , hike through and capture memories.


  1. So pretty! I wonder why you didn't sit on that bench! :-))

  2. I see you still have plenty of snow around, and it made a nice carpet on the bench. But I want SPRING!

  3. What a wonderful stroll you're offering to us! I hear the sound of your steps in the snow, I'm feeling the cold,I can smell the special scent of the landscape under the snow...And a snowy bench!! the final touch!!:o)

    PS: Still no computer!:((

  4. The snow is light and fluffy...and very photogenic. Lovely photos, Paulie!