Saturday, March 19, 2011

Continuing my snowy walk on Burnt Bridge Creek Trail . . .#3

The river is closer to the walking trail now.  The snow is touching its banks on both sides.
Another view of the river and  the shrubbery along side it.  I was mostly aiming for a photo of the branches close to the river but the foreground weed branches give the photo a lot of contrast too.
The trail passes over the river where it runs to the right of the walking path.  At first, I thought about just taking a photo of the bridge but wanted to show the river's path so opted for this shot.
Once again, the river runs on the left of the trail.  The Burnt Bridge Creek trail follows the power lines where no homes were allowed to be built . . . or maybe I should have said the power lines were installed along the path of the creek and that area is public access so when the hiking group in our town wanted to make trails that were safe to walk or bicycle on, they chose this path the city already had rights to the land.  In the foreground, the path jogs to the right again as the land belongs to another farmer. Remember, Vancouver was built around many kinds of farms and is still a city with farms within its limits.
To the right of the trail is an open piece of land near some homes and businesses but not sure if this is a park or someone owns the land.

Just another shot along the river trail.

Snowy trees in the distance in the same area as last photo.

Enough snow to enjoy but not too much to envelop the grasses. . .
I like the effect of snow covered steps so with this, I leave you until another day for more snowy photos along Burnt Bridge Creek Trail which runs through most of our town.


  1. Nothing more romantic than a river and a bridge under snow!(except a bench ,of course! :)
    But run faster , Paulie, spring should arrive tomorrow! :o)

  2. You'll have to show us all this again in the spring, retrace your steps on a bright and sunny day!

  3. Thanks for the walk! I like the shot of the bridge, and the last one, as well!