Friday, March 25, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Parade-- Hough School

The bagpipes players wearing kilts can't get any more Irish so they lead the parade past our apartment building with some beautiful music.
This is Paddy Hough, an early Irish settler for whom Hough Elementary is named for and the main participants of this downtown parade where Hough Elementary School is located.
Some of the younger kids from the Elementary School march with their teachers.
Old cars love to be featured in any parade!
Veterans ride in this old fire truck.
This group definitely tried "wearing the green " and even have a Leprechaun with them!
Advertising one of our favorite restaurants started by Irishman. . .
Irishman holding flag of Ireland.

Even the rain didn't stop the parade. . . but there were fewer participants this year because of it.  The rain did stop long enough for the parade to go on and returned later in the day.  It's always a fun thing to watch and goes right past our apartment building so easy to get to and get back home fast.  Hope you all enjoyed St. Patrick's Day this year too!


  1. Raining on St. Patrick's day somehow seems appropriate (I've been to Ireland ...) :-) I fell for that old car. it can't be too many left of them.

    PS Thank you for the comment. As you have guessed, the bottle-cap was not placed randomly :-) In addition, red is a powerful colour to work with. A yellow cap would make a far more timid expression. And it is a digital shot (Canon 40D with a Sigma 10-22mm), but you could get the same effect with an analogue camera.

  2. Parades are fun, when the weather cooperates! I enjoyed being a vicarious bystander!

  3. Me again - You are absolutely right!

  4. Ooh this really looks like it was great fun!

  5. Interesting pictures! I can see NO snow!! :o :))

  6. I love small-town parades, especially when children can participate. My Granddaughter marched with her Scout troop in last year's Memorial Day parade and was thrilled.

  7. What a fun parade. Often I think parades are one of the last true folk traditions we have that really endures.

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