Monday, March 21, 2011

Winter fun and a few snowmen sited. . .

This is in the parking lot of Leverich Park on the western border. . . These two boys have rolled the bottom snowball for their snowman.  It took all the snow on the parking lot!
They are rolling their beginnings of a snowman closer to the grassy area where they can add the  other two layers for a terrific snowman.  I just didn't want to wait until they were finished or I might not finish my walk before dark.
Older kids playing a sort of hockey game in the snow.
More snow fun across the snowy covered grassy area. . . 
Group of kids enjoying building their snowman.
Definitely an original snowman design!

I know that Spring is now here but it's good to have photo memories of past seasons so I have a couple more posts of my snow day walk yet so come back for more while you are enjoying your own beginnings of Spring.


  1. Kids and snow = happiness! always and everywhere..Which makes me think that you're still a kid, in a kind of way! Ü

  2. Old man winter must have missed the bus north! No snow here, but the cold north wind returned after a couple of high 70's days.

  3. I like to see kids making snow people! What great memories!

  4. Oh, Paulie - I love that you enjoyed your snow so much! I think those kids did, too.

  5. I love the dreadlocks on that snowman!

  6. A great looking snowman that is! And the first one- wow- it must be a very big snowman, did you ever see it finished?
    Thanks for sharing! :)