Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday morning snowfall #2--Uptown, heading downtown. . .

Even tho the tree branches are  frosted with a layer of freshly fallen snow, they  can't hide that speck of blue sky from me!
 Each branch willing shared the beautiful white stuff with the other. . .
 The snow clung to everything like it didn't have plans for melting soon.
Another cluster of branches sharing the beautiful white stuff, making a snow sculpture.
It was like the branches were saving some snow for me.
Looks like cotton!
Bicycle rack sporting snow. . . 
Snow in an empty parking lot.
All the plants seem to be friends with this snowfall!
This cold wooden frog says that all for snow today.  Come back tomorrow!


  1. Where you see cotton, I see A LOT of sugar! (greedy one speaking! U)
    I love the frog, it seems to feel the cold!

  2. I hope this is the last of the winter (no snow here now), but you ought to frame that bicycle!

  3. Wow, you got what you wished for...Is it melting yet?
    Mama Bear

  4. Even the frog is smiling, Paulie! Love that frosted bike rack.

  5. These are so much fun. I especially like the bicycle.

  6. I can almost hear your joy, it makes me smile! I, too, love the bike rack and the frog, but I also think the first shot, with the speck of blue, is beautiful.

  7. Wonderful photos Paulie and such a delightful frog.

  8. You sure did hit the jackpot with the snow, Paulie. I like the shots taken from on high in your previous post, the world seems so still and quiet.

  9. Snow is beautiful when it's fluffy like that!

  10. I like the bicycle picture, cool