Sunday, March 13, 2011

End of winter clouds . . .

Sometimes, it is interesting to see what one can see in cloud formations when they are not all puffy white. or the two are side by side. . .


  1. A black and white picture, by all meanings:b&w clouds,b&w weather, symbol of bad and good...sometimes, some simple pictures give a lot to think about..

  2. You could have the same scene with leaves on the tree!

  3. So great! Yes, I agree, it's interesting just to sit and watch the clouds when they look like this! :) A real contrast!
    And now we want to wave our bye-byes to the winter coluds....! ;D

    Have a nice Sunday! :)

  4. I see a supine Lady and in the last, she's calling for HELP!

  5. Mountain ranges....

    I like the contrast between the cloud banks!