Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thursday morning snowfall #!-- Uptown

Ok so this was written in the wee hours of Thursday morning before I shoveled the sidewalks around our building. . . but it makes a good header for my LATER early morning excursion down to the Columbia River.  The remaining photos for this post, I took after a few hours sleep when I awoke to Maintenance snow blowing our sidewalks just before 8:00 AM.  Yes, all my hard work shoveling was covered with another layer of freshly fallen snow!  That makes three snowfalls this winter for Vancouver when I was beginning to think we were never going to get any at all.
A peek out my window on the 8th floor, I could see there was more snow so I quickly got dressed and went off on another walking adventure that ended many miles  later and I will show you more for a few  days.
This is from my living room window on the 8th floor looking towards 4th Plain Blvd.
The homes in front of  our building from the 8th floor balcony -- I am gradually getting outside!  The mountains in the background are Oregon, across the Columbia River.  I live 2 miles away.
 Looking east from the 8th floor balcony towards Mt. Hood in Oregon which is covered in clouds today.

OK, I finally got outside with my camera and found this  branch fascinating.
It was as if the leaves were saving the snow for me!
Of course, the beauty of the snow was displayed in other ways too!
Beautifully displayed for me . . . 
Those branches must be strong to hold so much snow just for me and my camera!
Even a peek at some blue sky in this winter wonderland!
Such beautiful  displays of that wonderful white stuff that fell from the sky!  AND I haven't even left my block yet!
Come back for more tomorrow -- this kind of snow, YOU don't have to shovel.


  1. So many lovely photos Paulie! :) I can see the land you live is quite flat. And 2 miles are not far from Oregon and the mountains! Exciting to enlarge some of the photos to see the mountains..

    Ant I just love your picture the second last, with the branches! :)

    Sure you're enjoying the snow you've got recently! (I can see you walk around there..) ;)
    And- I hope it will laaaaaast!! :))

    Enjoy your day! :)

  2. I like to stroll with you, walking through the snow, discovering each place offering a new face under the snow..It's so pleasant!and what a beauty!

  3. I'm with Malyss and I love that view, too!

  4. Paulie - The snow has released your Inner Child! I love the long view to Oregon (where the banks of clouds hide the mountain). The tree framed with blue is so pretty. You sure got your snow fix!

  5. It is so pretty....I did get out for a walk...met the owners of one of the new houses that were built on the street behind me recently..they were moving in...took lots of photos...some benches for you, too.
    Mama Bear

  6. These are utterly gorgeous photos. It is so clear in the art of these images that you love snow. Thank you!

  7. Your love for snow shows through and brings out your creativity in displaying it for the rest of us. I am glad that you are having your snow fix.