Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Special Friend, Myrl

I wish everyone could have a special friend like Myrl . . .

Myrl had a stroke several years ago.  She broke her leg  and arm in the fall and was confined to a wheel chair for transportation ever since.  She lived in her own home for a couple years and then went to a caregiver home where I tried to visit her as often as I could.  We "talked" and read the Bible and put small puzzles together.  This was no easy thing as Myrl had lost her speech and use of her right hand.  Yet, she enjoyed the time we spent together.

Recently, she had another fall and then a 2nd stroke and she just never recovered.  I visited her daily at hospice since Saturday and her eyes talked to me even if she couldn't speak.  Finally, on Tuesday, my dear friend left her pain behind and went to heaven where God has promised no more suffering.  I will miss her.  I wish everyone could have a friend that was such a blessing!

A Blessing Called Myrl

Not a sister by birth but a sister in Christ.
Not an Aunt or a Grandmother 
or even a relative of any other kind through blood.
Yet the love in her heart helped mine to survive, 
not once but twice. . . 

"No payback was expected," she said.  
She did only what she had been taught. . . 
After all, the Great Teacher had taught her.
She had learned His lessons well.
 I had the same Teacher and thought I  too, had learned all.
Little did I know  I hadn't grasped the whole lesson.
Yet, He didn't give up on me; 
He sent me an expert  tutor called Myrl,  disguised as a gentle friend.

The tutoring was free-- it came with God's  blessing
I hope I learned it well so I can share with others
The message of love taught to me by
 My best friend in Christ, a blessing called Myrl.