Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumn Flame -- Blog My Blessings!

I'm late as I had a church function all day and I forgot to post. last night. . BUT this is my blessing for this week.  I thought all the flowers were disappearing and I was out looking for colored leaves but this one surprised me.  Truly an unexpected blessing!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Old Apple Tree Festival

Each year on the first Saturday of October, we have a celebration of our OLD APPLE TREE which was 185 years old this year.

 All the apples have been harvested and plant growths have been taken from the tree to give away to people at the festival who want to plant an apple tree in their yard.  I live in a 9 story apartment building so could not take one. .(That is the freeway behind it and on the other side you can't see are the railroad tracks.  The OLD APPLE TREE park is located between the freeway and tracks in a little park.

 The old apple tree lost a limb recently and a gardener is trying to "fill the hollow space" with new growth planted in the hole. . .What they won't do to save a part of history!  We don't want to lose this part of our history.  ALSO, over the years , many new plantings from the tree have kept the history alive in various yards in Vancouver.  A tree on the side of the museum on Main St has such a growth from this tree and it has blossomed into a tall, beautiful tree.  Somewhere I have a photo of that tree but will have to look for it or take a new one to show you later.

They had all kinds of things to inform us and entertain us.  I came home with a bag of apples and lots of photos and tired feet!
Since it was the pioneers who planted our first apple tree in the Northwest, we had a covered wagon to inspect. . . 

And there was entertainment by "Another Shade of Bluegrass" which we really enjoyed as my apartment building have them come and perform each month so we knew the group singing and playing.

THIS YEAR, they had the first SCARECROW contest at the festival. . . I think the entries were superb!  Here they are. . .

I guess I didn't take an individual photo of the one on the right. . . 
and the left here. . . 


Did you  notice these peacock feathers on the scarecrows above?  I found them a delight!

Hope you enjoyed our Apple Tree Festival!  Sorry, but I have searched and can't find who won the scarecrow contest.  I thought they all were superb!