Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Remember our 2 snowfalls in one 24 hour period??????

Well, here's a few more photos from my walk along Burnt Bridge Creek Trail. . .

This is the "head" of the trail closest to Vancouver Lake where it feeds from.  Burnt Bridge Creek runs all through Vancouver from West to East and the trail has so far extended to three parts of it, ending neat 90th St in Vancouver.  One day it may extend further east to the Cascade Mountains. This rest area is called Stewart Glen and is a welcome sight when hiking the opposite way from East to West.
Looking up towards the restroom and picnic area in the same area as the first photo.
These branches look like what I call a snow rainbow. . .
The pine boughs are heavy laden with  snow.
With Burnt Bridge Creek in the background, the branches laden with  snow stand out!

More of the water and the land opposite it looking through the trees at the head of the Burnt Bridge Creek trail.
 Looks like many people had the same idea as I did to walk this trail but they got here  before me!


  1. I'm half expecting elves to wander around!

  2. the quantity is impressive! but it's so beautyful to see , I understand you have never enough of it!

  3. Your snow was glorious, Paulie. I'm glad you hiked in it and got these photographs. I really like that last photo off the trail heading into the forest. We got a bit overnight, but it is warming into the 40's now - thank goodness!