Monday, February 21, 2011

You never know. . .

Last Wednesday when it snowed, the sky was very colorful and I enjoyed capturing the colors of my quilt in the sky.

Today, a friend and I went for a walk in the neighborhood and we saw more signs of Spring besides the blooming Camelias from last week's post. BUT the sky did not present us with the beauty of the day when it snowed last week. . .we might get some more snow this week. . . we will see.  Poor flowers having to put up with our cold temperatures after such a warm stretch of weather . . . near 60.  I'll trade flowers for snow anytime!


  1. Paulie, Bite your tongue! You can't trade those gorgeous blooms for snow. I just can't allow it!

  2. The skies above are gorgeous! poor little flowers! You and Paulie can't be happy at the same time!

  3. I saw some Daffodils blooming today...we are having Springlike weather. If the Weatherman says anything about snow, I'll send it your way.
    Mama Bear