Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wednesday evening snowfall #1

I started off making tracks in front of the apartment.  It had snowed less than an hour when it stopped. . . but in the end, I was in for a bigger surprise.
The branches were frosted with a layer of the new fallen snow which made them stand out. . .
The streets were busy in spite of the fresh fallen snow surprise, our second snowfall of this winter. . .

The leaves covered up with a blanket of snow and looked like iced cookies!

Grass poked out from beneath the new layer of snow to speak to the fallen branch and give it comfort. . .

The trees didn't care that Christmas was long gone -- they decorated themselves with freshly white fallen snow that made their branches glimmer.

Every branch wanted to get into the act for this special occasion.  The snow was going to last longer than a few minutes. . . the beauty would be long remembered.

Even snow can provide ripples if you look hard enough. . . 

 Sometimes you see silhouettes of characters in snow covered leaves. . . can you see anyone here?I see George Washington if I tilt my head.
This umbrella tree got a new design!
The mist seems to make these two branches stand out. . . 
One more for today but not the end of my snowy night adventure.  Come back tomorrow for more!


  1. All of your pictures are fantastic! my favorite are the two with tracks, and also the "umbrella". So hard to imagine you're having snow, when it's already so warm and sunny here!Your pictures make think of deep winter!I'm sure yoiu're enjoying every minute of it! :o)

  2. That first one gave me an intense feeling of someone following you, if only yourself - a very special atmosphere.

  3. Oh my....!! Snow at your place!! =O I'm soooo glad on your behalf, Paulie!!!! Juhuuu!!

    Enjoy your days! Best wishes from me.. :)

  4. And I think I just forgot to say; Lovely photos!! :)

  5. I'm glad you got a decent bit of snow. A mountain excursion is looking less and less likely with health issues and busy-ness. Maybe we can find some summer snow this year. Paradise has near normal snowpack.

  6. Oh, YAY! You do have snow and it's very, very pretty! I like that you captured your own footprints too. )

  7. Very pretty and i love your commentary.
    Mama Bear

  8. These photos sure do convey your love of snow! Love that umbrella tree!

  9. Paulie, These photos are wonderful! I can tell you were enjoying yourself. I really love the mist shot plus the shape of that umbrella tree under the new snowfall.