Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snow Teaser for Vancouver

Walking towards the Columbia River, snow starts to gather on a lawn. . . 
Snow gathers around plants near curb. . . 
Snow stopped after gathering on windshield of someone's car. . . 

View of snow around pond at WSU in Vancouver. . . 

Snow on the grass at WSU. . . 

 Trail through the snow at WSU. . .

Sign showing campus of Washington State University on one of the trails around the campus. . . 

We just had a dusting of snow and to me, it was a miracle since our winter in Vancouver has been snowless until today.  They hint that we have a chance for more snow showers throughout the night and then again, Saturday and Sunday.  I hope they are right!


  1. Yeah Paulie - Your fondest wish has come true! I like those bike tracks in the snow.

  2. I heard there was some in your part of the state. We just have cold. Hope you get enough for a snowman--or at least some snowballs.

  3. I can easily imagine your joy!I'm sure you were singing while taking pictures! Ü

  4. Glad you got your wish!
    We're getting more here, but it isn't too much!
    I'm glad spring is close!

  5. Yea! You finally got some of the white stuff...I wish for you a couple of inches this weekend. Enjoy!
    Mama Bear

  6. The snow is even nicer when you don't have to shovel it. :)