Saturday, February 5, 2011

The many faces of ART. . .

THIS painting:

What a difference!

The above is an example of what I saw last month at the Art Walk we have on First Friday.

This month . . . art was everywhere!

from this sunset happening before my eyes while I was walking to the Art Walk. . . 
to this glassware. . . 

to "Things My Mother Told Me" . . . 

. . . 
to paintings and black and white photos 

 Sometimes I go to the glass blowers -- this is from last month. . .BUT

Tonight was a special night . . . the artists' group known formerly as "6th Street Gallery" moved to a new location and they are now called Gallery 360 because they made a complete circle in location.  Even the cake was a work of art!

The artists of this new gallery are standing in front of the music stage/art classroom. . . Ron, third from left is the one that introduced, to our apartment building, the Friday Art Walks when they were still at 6th St. Gallery.

Finally, the cake was cut. . . 

Many  kinds of art and the artists represented here and just a sampling of their work.  First Friday Art Walk is always something to look forward to each month.


  1. That cake looked delicious. I wouldn't mind having a piece of it next to that top woven art.

  2. It must be so interesting to see so many kinds of art in a single place! I like the photos, and also the "what my mother told me" thing (don't know how to call it..)And this cake is gorgeous! I'm sure you had a marvellous time there!

  3. Now that would be my kind of outing! So much to look at!...and the cake looks great. All very enjoyable I'd say.

  4. Congratulations to the gallery. The woven painting is amazing, and it looks like a fun way to spend an evening!

  5. I just love the woven piece! So beautiful! :) And your picture of the sunset, lovely! Here were many art pictures and pictures of art workers.. and my dear..., what a cake!!!! Gorgeous!! I'm sure you got a piece of the cake, too? ;)

    Now it's turned over to Sunday, it's half past midnight.. good night and have a wonderful Sunday Paulie! :)

  6. What an amazing event--so much creativity in such a concentrated area!

  7. I like that artwork and the sky you saw very, very much.

  8. I like that that is available to you. An advantage of city life over country. We ahve our advantages, too, though.

  9. It looks like fun...I wish I could walk with you.
    Mama Bear