Friday, February 25, 2011

For Barb . . .

I cropped and made the below photo black and white -- as if it needed any help -- as Barb suggested.  I think I  still like several instead of one against the background of snow best.


  1. Barb, by cutting it out on my old Appleworks program, it limits the capability to enlarge photo. Also, the tiny "weed" looks like it is talking to the straight, tall weeds by leaning over and the medium sized one has both hands stretched out saying "wait for me!" The way I angled them to be coming out f the right hand lower corner makes them seem like a pack instead of individuals. . . Meanwhile the MOTHER weed is beconing (is that a word?) them to follow her. . .

  2. Thanks for humoring me, Paulei! I love the "story" you've created for the shot. I like both shots. Sometimes I just fool around with mine like this and was wondering how a crop would look.