Wednesday, February 23, 2011

White stuff from heaven. . .

Yes, it is snowing and I am going out to play in it soon.

Photos to follow hopefully.


  1. Hi Paulie,
    It is 5:45 AM, & the news said lots of snow in Seattle. I thought of you, although I know you aren't in Seattle--hope you are having fun!
    We are currently in single digits of cold and the wind is gusting almost 50 MPH. I am staying in!

  2. I know how happy you are! I hope to see pictures soon!

  3. It's a whole day since you posted, Paulie. I hope you're not buried in a huge drift!

  4. I'm so happy for we are getting 60mph winds, severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings...should be over by 11:00 so I'm sticking close to the news channel.
    Enjoy the snow.
    Mama Bear