Thursday, February 24, 2011

Portrait in the snow. . .

Anything is more beautiful with a snowy background!
I had a great snow day last night and today.  Took many photos.  Guess what will be on my blog every post for some time. . . I am so happy we finally got a good snowfall even tho it was between 2 and 3 inches only and some would laugh at me for calling it a big snowfall.  Considering the small amount we got last Wednesday, this was big in comparison.  I am grateful for it all.  I hiked about 9 miles today to capture some of it.  I walked to the river first and then took a bus the opposite direction to a trail and walked about 5 and half miles to capture the latest snowfall.  On my return, it was snowing in the eastern part of our city when I was coming home.  We have blue skies where I live. . . There is a possibility of more coming this weekend.


  1. Well, finally...I'm so happy that you have your snow and look forward to more photos.
    Mama Bear

  2. Paulie, I love this seed head. I wonder what would happen if you would crop just that big one and make the photo B & W? I think I walk far, but you have beat me!

  3. I love the silhouette effect. I agree--snow can be lovely.

  4. For you, it's like Xmas after Xmas! what a beautyful gift from the skies!