Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter surprise visitor. . .

I was out shoveling the snow from  around our apartment building after midnight when a resident told me to look up in the tree. . . and I spotted this raccoon!  It did not give me time to adjust my camera with flash or zoom in much before it exited the limb it was on and headed higher where I could not spot it with my camera. . . so no close ups and you will have to contend with those piercing white eyes I saw before I took the photos.  I was surprised to see a racoon in city limits.


  1. It's incredible!!maybe it was looking for food? it's so lovely! it seems to be wearing a mask! I'm wondering if it could be dangerous and bite you?.. Anyway, it seems to be more scary than you..

  2. Oh Paulie!! A raccoon!!!! WOW!!!! --oo--
    How lucky you are, to see it!! It's so beautiful, and I think your pictures are gorgeous! =)

    We haven't raccoon here in my country.. but we have snow.. now you I can see you have both a raccoon and snow!! =) I guess it came to town because it's hungry....?

  3. They probably have nearby habitat whih is being disrupted. I was startled by raccoons outside my son's patio door in Spokane once. Also in the snow.

  4. Paulie - What a great encounter! I'm sure you have more wildlife than you can imagine within the city. What the heck were you doing shoveling after Midnight? Anything to play in the snow...