Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some old and some new things in Spring . . .

I saw both white and yellow Daffodils. . .

but I have seen many of them for weeks now.
and purple Iris -- my first of the new Spring!

blue skies (which have been very limited) with pretty blossoms hanging from the trees. . .

and varigated Tulips. . .


and trees with new leaves on them . . .

and many boats on the Columbia!


  1. Hi Paulie-
    Such nice spring shots for the last several posts! The flower heart in the sky is amazing! Thanks for sharing all the flowers, we have spring, but no too many blooms yet. I'm really enjoying all the flower pictures.

  2. The colors of the spring flowers offer a great contrast with the dark waves of the river..

  3. Most excellent! These are very beautiful.

  4. See Paulie, since you didn't get much snow this year, you sure got the early flowers! Just beautiful!

  5. Iris already? I won't have any for another six weeks at least.

  6. Of course, I love all the flower pics, Paulie, but my favorite is the tree shot through the fence.

  7. Our azaleas are just starting to bloom also. YOur flower pictures are gorgeous!