Monday, March 1, 2010

Maybe winter is over. . . early---- here. . .

My Almost Snowless Mantra

“Just one snowfall,” you moan. . .
BUT do you remember the 20 snowfalls I provided for you last year?
Do you remember the joy it brought to your soul?

Never forget, I know your thoughts before you do.
I know your future day after day, week after week, year after year
Before it ever comes to happen for you.

I knew that others would enjoy the snow like you.
This winter, it was their turn to marvel
At the white stuff falling from the sky
In places that hardly ever see snow touch the ground in a white blanket.

So, enjoy their photos shared of this white blessing
Give thanks to Me, the Creator who made it possible
To share your joy of snow  . . . with others . . .  this winter.

Remember, you will always have those snow memories from the past.
No one can take them away from you.
More will come
Another day, another winter.

Open wide your eyes and see the marvels bursting forth with joy
Surrounding your last few days of winter . . . with their beauty,
Welcoming an early spring.

Spring has arrived in winter this year!


  1. "No, No, they can't take that away from me.." was a wonderful song of Fred Astaire..I can't believe you already have such lovely blossomed flowers!Well, spring is in twenty days from now, it already send some messages to you!
    What a beautyful poem! you were inspired..

  2. Wow!
    It has been an unusual winter and although we didn't have any big amount of snow that stayed on the ground, we did have more days with snow in them. I've only seen one big snow in Alabama and that was in March of 1993. We had 26 inches. My Dad said he had never seen that much. It was unusual and stayed on the ground for over a week.
    Maybe you'll have lots of snow next year.
    Mama Bear

  3. Beautiful pics! I am definitely ready for Spring :)

  4. Snow is fleeting this year. Your poetry/meditation is lovely. And now spring.

  5. These are very, very beautiful. What strange weather!

  6. It's March! time for winter to be gone.

  7. Such wonderful words and photos! Especially the last one I love! Spring after spring flowers come up from the soil, yellow, white.. beautiful Spring time! :) And I love especially the Spring!!

  8. By the way, good you have memories and photos with the snow. Sad I cannot be able to send you some snow by mail!! ;))