Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rainy day tulips. . .

The day started out with no rain YET bu by time as I got to the park, it was raining hard.  These are a few of the tulops there.  More coming on another day.  CLICK to enlarge if you choose.


  1. Colors and pearls of water give a feeling of freshness!

  2. Wow! The tulips are blooming! Neat, Paulie!

  3. I've not seen any tulips yet, lots of Hycinths and Daffodils. The Forsythia is beautiful this year. I see God everywhere when I'm walking. Maybe I'll remember my camera the next walk I take or maybe I'd better take it with me to the dentist tomorrow.
    I am busy but I still manage to rest quite a bit. I think it just takes more for me than some folks. Could be that is where my age shows. I certainly don't feel like 60+ most of the time. I try to get my walk in before lunch because I need a nap afterward.
    Happy Spring, friend

  4. Your flowers are gorgeous, my friend. Thank you.

  5. Oh the flowers look beautiful! I love checking out for all your
    plants growing so early in the spring. right now in CT we are having rain, rain,rain. Stacie