Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Walking thru woods on a snowy day at Stewart Glen

The sign indicates the beginning of the trail on Bernie Drive and Fruit Valley Road.

The sidewalk trail is shoveled for a few yards up the trail. 

Looking at the "lake" that begins the Burnt Bridge waterway. . .

See the frozen lake at the head of BBC?  Part of the water to the upper right is not frozen.

The water is frozen and a layer of ice coats the BBC.

Still looking at the  lake where BBC begins.

Snow covered trunk along the trail and lake.

Ferns peek out from a  covering of snow along the trail.

One of the bridges over Burnt Bridge Creek. 

Benches looking over the snow covered prarie along BBC trail.

The evergreen branch leans towards the trail as it is heavy with snow.

Snow laden branches along the trail.

Snow covered branches hang out over the BBC.

Many feet have walked this snowy trail today!


  1. Lovely photos! I especially like the bridge! It seem like you have more wet and heavy snow than us. I hope you'll have some more :) Enjoy your time with your camera! :)

  2. I love ALL of your pictures! I was imagining being there and walking with you!All the colors are white, grey and black, and suddenly, the green appears, like a good surprise;.
    i like also the frozen water; Thank you for this great breath of fresh air!( and now, a hot chocolate!Ü)

  3. Thanks for sharing these beautiful wintry views from your walk.
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. I see you have got a bit of snow, now - enjoy it while you can! We have so much that I long for previous summers :-)

  5. Thanks to your photos, I can almost hear the cruching footsteps, and wonderful heavy quietness snow brings.Very hot here in South Australia today. Should reach 40 degrees.

  6. My feet are cold. Lovely photos, though.

  7. I love seeing snow in YOUR neighborhood!

  8. Paulie, These are wonderful snowy scenes - I can tell you had a big smile on your face as you took them. I love the green fern peeking from the snow - the bench one is nice, too, of course. Guess what I saw today at the ski area - a bull moose and a female!