Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Willy Vlautin, author from Portland, Oregon

A friend took us to Powell's Bookstore where we met this local author.

He read a little to us from his newest book, his third. . .
Then, he autographed books.  I bought all three of his and almost have the  latest one read.  It takes place at Portland Meadows and I feel like I am there as I am familiar with the area.  The book is called, "Lean on Pete" which is the name of a horse at the race track but the story is about a 15 year old and his relationship with this horse.  I have only half of it read. . . Ü  (Now have it all read!)

The author also wrote "The Motel Life" and "Northline."


  1. Oh - whenever i have a new book I'm happy - and you have THREE!

  2. Did this man write something on the books you bought?Was he gentle? It's so interesting to meet books writers!
    Glad to see you back blogging!

  3. You sure are quite a fast reader!! I'm not.. But reading books is a good thing.... and even more exciting after having met the author..! :)