Sunday, April 18, 2010

View from the bridge area of Vancovuer. . .

This is one of the views of Vancouver that you see when you leave the I-5 bridge over the Columbia coming into Vancouver.


  1. Lovely sky, Paulie.

    About the osprey nest: we have boards on many poles for them too...but not in this spot. :)

  2. I would live to visit Vancouver one day Paulie. Thanks for your visit and comment.The art trail in the country covered a very large distance, too much to walk, but it would be possible to incorporate a walk to, and around, just one of the exhibits at a time.

  3. I see you've been enjoying seeing blue skies lately! The pine cone shot is really good! I'm glad spring is here!

  4. Beautiful sky and clouds, Paulie.
    Am I to infer from Katney's post and your comment that you guys went camping and got wet? We went camping and got roasted, tried to get as much water as possible on the inside.