Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunset at the Beach , , ,

We walked along the beach just as the sun was setting. . . "tomorrow" we would be cleaning the beach of debris with many other volunteers  . . . so tonight we would just take in the beauty of the sunset along this beach near our campground.

Each new wave made the sunset look different!

Sometimes, it brought out the beauty and strength of the waves.              

The contrast of the orange sunset and blue sky was delightful!


It required a closer look . . . 
The darkness of the beach contrasted with the blue sky under the  last rays of the golden sun. . . 

One photo wasn't enough!

The golden rays peeked through the  brush as we climbed the stairs to our campground and took just one more peek at the setting sun.

Last glance back and the sky was golden as far as you could see, a memory to last a nighttime of dreams.


  1. Beautiful sunset shots!! Makes me want to go to the beach.

  2. Beautiful sunset series at the beach ... I sit often to watch this sequence locally, sometimes capturing shots with my camera and other times just savoring the moments. It's been quite some time since I've visited but I've enjoyed catching up in my reader this morning. Thanks for making your entire post available in your feeds. What a wonderful variety of spring blossoms you've captured and shared. I love your nifty traveling blanket, the 'garden friend' yard art, marvelous varied skies, interesting bridges, and views of the Columbia River near Vancouver. Hope all's well with you and yours.
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. Now why didn't I find this blog earlier? This is just so, so perfect a view, I'm trying to imagine the sounds as well!

  4. I felt as though I was with you, Paulie - very peaceful. I really like the shot with the brush and the bit of pink in the sky. By the way - you need to tell us about your former hand post - where was it taken?

  5. Watching the sun set beats watching a movie anytime! Thanks for the flick!

  6. What a peaceful and beautyful place! A sunset on such a beach, the lazy waves on the sand..
    I can feel the sea breeze, and the slow sound of the sea..
    Does this beach really need cleaning?!..

  7. That was a gorgeous evening on the beach. It was well worth the trip--despite the next day's drenching rain.

    The Beach Clean-up day is an annual event along the entire coast of Washington. It must be a good thing, because the statistics I heard were that 1000 volunteers picked up 24 tons of stuff. The beach we were on was not too bad, but still we found bottles, bits of plastic, fishing floats, a propeller, and an awful lot of rope.

  8. Very beautiful sunset shots, Paulie.

  9. What a wonderful beach and sunset!! Yes, you like me have difficulties in choosing photos, glad you're by my side! :)) I mean that I'm not alone with that.. But I love all your photos! :)

  10. The sunset is lovely to see in it's many phases. It's wonderful that volunteers work to keep the coastline beautiful.