Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sammi, my son's dog in the snow

This is Sammi's dog house that he outgrew. . .the depth of the snowfall shows here on the roof.  The oldest grandson swept the balcony patio before I could take a photo there.  This is the second day of snow, the day we lost our electricity before I cleared the driveway.
This is Sammi,  enjoying the snow  and some of his footprints.


  1. Lucky dog! he has a big house where he can go back and rest after playing in the snow! it was a good day for him! (as for you, I guess!:)

  2. And then Sammi went into the house and warmed himself by the fireplace. Yes???

  3. That is a nice manageable amount of snow, enough to enjoy without becoming a mess! (at least it seems so to me!) I hope you and Sammi had fun!