Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where are they?

In our Rose Garden downtown at the park, there were beautiful orange roses. . .
                                                                          and pink ones . . .
                                                                EVEN white ones

                                                                 Even yellow ones!!!!!!!!!
                                                BUT NOT ONE RED ONE WAS LEFT.


  1. Maybe you got a bad queen, like "Alice in wonderland", who does not like them?...Ü
    My own favorite is the pink!

  2. Hmm, I'll have to check closer at our rose garden, but I think I saw some red when we drove by yesterday. I know that my roses at home, only two of the nine bushes are blooming right now. (One is red.) But the good news is that the two that I thought I had lost over last winter but never pulled up, and the one I thought we had lost while we were gone, are showing new growth.

    We visited the gardens at Manito Park in Spokane the other day, but did not get to the rose garden there.

  3. I'd love each and every one in bouquet, Paulie! PS I have one red one blooming here in Denver that we could add to the mix.

  4. I can't say where your red roses went, but I posted one today that you are welcome to look at!

    The colors you show here are beautiful, even tho' they aren't red.

  5. So very gentle and lovely! We must take care of the flowers now before the winter set in.... and take them into our mind, our soul.. :) Have a nice day! :)