Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To cross the street as a pedestrian when there is no traffic light signal. . .

You take an orange flag and hold it up as you walk across the street.  All cars must stop until you have completely crossed.  There were only two flags left on this post so a lot of people had already crossed the street.  I don't know what you do if there are no flags left -- probably walk a few blocks to the traffic light.  That's what I did because I was afraid to use a flag to cross the street.


  1. I've never seen that before.
    I guess you're supposed to bring them over from the other side when you cross from that direction. Was it a busy street?
    Mama Bear

  2. I never saw such a thing!!A flag for security?..I don't trust! better learn to run fast, or ..go to the next traffic light!

  3. Are you kidding, Paulie? Is that what the flags are for? Here in CO, we have strict Pedestrian right-of-way laws but so many tourists that you can't trust that anybody will stop!

  4. Well, you are supposed to stop for predestrians, and the flags are to make you more visible as a pedestrian. As a driver, I know that in some light conditions it can be hard to see a pedestrian. Apparently more people walk from this side to the other on this street, as the flags must end up on the other side.