Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Friday Art Walk . . .

Our town sponsors an art walk where we can visit art galleries and enjoy (and buy) some of the new art work displayed each month. It is not just paintings; glass blowing is an art too as well as sculpture and quilting and potteryand Apple computer art and jewelry making and. . . You name it, it will probably be on display one month or another. Each First Friday is the beginning of a new display and they also provide free refreshments.

The best part of this event is that it gets people out walking from one gallery to the next and then inside each gallery. The wonderful artwork displayed is the added bonus. You can choose to visit all 15 galleries or just a couple. Restaurants stay open late on these First Fridays in case people want to grab a bite to eat before or after visiting the art work.

The artist is heating his project in a very hot oven.

The artist works on shaping his design.

He carries it back to the fire -- he has to work fast and thus the blur. Ordinarily, I would have thrown out a blurred photo but I kinda like this one. . . you have to be fast to take good photos of these artists!

We did not stay for him to finish -- it is a long process and we were anxious to see the other artwork in other shops. But he has the shape now and will work on the design on the glass next.

This is a previous glass art work on display.

One of the newer studios was in the loft above a restaurant. I didn't care for the paintings displayed -- too much like Jackson Pollack's work. . . but the window is absolutely gorgeous! I could sit and paint, etc. with that window to look out while I was dreaming. . .

You open this door and an artist steps out. Look at the floor and see that it is a painting made to look like someone opened the door to an art studio. I think it was very clever and well done!

You aren't obligated to buy anything.  I have bought one small painting of the American flag with the words of the pledge of allegiance on the stripes.  It was beautifully framed and fits my patriotic bedroom wonderfully.


  1. What an interesting post!It must be great to enjoy a visit to this place! i'm fascinated by the glass work. I'm sure you had a great time there!

  2. Oh I love blown glass, you must have had a great time!
    A 'patriotic' bedroom?

  3. I enjoyed our walk through the galleries. What a fun way to spend a Friday.
    I can't wait to see your bedroom when its finished.
    Mama Bear

  4. A great change in your usual walks.

  5. W=I wish I lived closer to you, Paulie! I'd join you. :)

  6. Hi Paulie,
    Catching up with you. I'd love this kind of art walk - we have them in Denver, too. Hope you feature it again in a post. Have a good weekend. Yes, I think you did meet the same Martha!

  7. Wonderful artwork, to be sure. Glass art is something to see.

  8. Interesting.. and the last photo is exciting, with the door to open.. Beautiful! :)

  9. You know i loved these, Paulie esp the artist in the door. So cute & original.