Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The MISSING end of my poem. . .

Last night, I was tossing away some papers I had in my bag when I ran across the paper I had originally written this poem on. . .  I surprised myself by seeing that there was more to my original poem written on the back of the paper.  So, here I offer the poem in its entirety that I wrote after taking the picture below.

Snow Majesty
Above the rooftops . . .
Higher than street lights and telephone wires . . .
Towering above treetops
She stands there
In her new white gown
As if a prom dress for all to admire
And not just another snowfall.
Hiding the power that smolders inside her
Ready to burst and cover the northwest again.
Most call her Mt. St Helens . . .
To me, she's a giant snowball
Ready to be tossed
But patiently waiting
Her turn once again.

PS We got our first snowfall Tuesday so I was out playing in it and taking photos for about 7 hours this afternoon and tonight. Photos coming later this week IF they came out.


  1. Beautyful tribute to a mountain you love so much..
    I'm so glad you could enjoy snow!

  2. YEA!! Snow for you, Paulie! I can see you playing in it in my mind's eye!

  3. A very nice poem and a fabulous mountain top! :)