Friday, September 30, 2011

Blog Your Blessings: Burnt Bridge Creek Trailhead Walk!

Nothing like a short walk on the trail on an "Indian Summer" day like Thursday!  (Looking down on the trail head from stairs above).

Yes, once again I traveled the first part of the Stewart Glen trail.

Autumn colors have arrived!  At least some of them!

That blue sky wasn't half bad either!  This shot would make a good jigsaw puzzle. . .

I thought it was an apple tree but looking closer, I discovered a pear!

Several bridges cross Burnt Bridge Creek along this trail.

Autumn is showing up slowly at Burnt Bridge Creek!.

Burnt Bridge Creek made a perfect backdrop for this shot!

When the seedpods have burst open, you know FALL HAS ARRIVED!  It's not too hot and not too cold for a walk along Burnt Bridge Creek's first 2 miles.  This was one of my blessings this week. If you want to join, go here: Sandy (I forget how to make a link.)


  1. What a beautyful walk you're offering to us today! nature is so great in autumn..

  2. A lovely place to walk and lots of Autumn pictures just waiting for a camera.
    Mama Bear

  3. Your autumn is off to a beautiful start. Gorgeous. I love that pear.

    It's nice to visit your blog for a BYB post. Thank you.

  4. That pear looks ready for plucking. I can just feel the explosion of sweet juice in my mouth and dribbling down my chin.

  5. It was a lovely day for a walk! I think the shot of the yellow leaves is stunning!

  6. What fantastic pictures Paulie! =) Great to follow you along the trail, I would like to walk there, too.. :) So much nice to see and so many beautiful bridges to cross.. And - a pear tree! So exotic to me! :)

    Now I'll take a look at your prvious posts..

  7. Yes, yes, yes! Very beautiful, this walk, my friend. Thanks for blogging your blessing.

  8. A trail with its own supply of pears - I envy you! :-)

  9. It is lovely to watch the change of season.

  10. Those seed pods are positively elegant!