Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Shaun!

Besides your birthday, this rainbow might be the only other good thing this week. . . I was fortunate to see it out the 9th floor window of our apartment building. . . I tried to get a better view but could not see it from other locations. . . and it was raining outside so didn't bother to go out.
A close-up reveals the colors in a blurry way . . .
This is how it looked on the other side of the screen. . . NEVER take a photo you want to keep through a screen. . . ok for the naked eye but not a camera lens.


  1. A rainbow is a perfect birthday gift, especially if you find the treasure supposed to be at his feet! :o)

  2. The screen--so interesting that the camera must decide to focus on the screen when the view beyond it is so magnificent. Man cannot reproduce what God so neatly made in the human eye.

  3. Hi Paulie, Hope your rain soon lets up. (But you did get a beautiful rainbow out of the moisture in the sky!)

  4. I see you've been getting some nice spring flowers lately and the rainbow ties a ribbon on them.

  5. Lovely pictures and a nice birthday gift, I suppose! :) And I'm just admiring all the beautiful flowers of the Spring, below.. Fantastic pictures Paulie! :)

    PS: Are you missing the snow? Now I'm not.. ;) The Spring has come to us, too! Hurray! :))

    Have a nice Easter! :)